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My Bass Guitars

I have enjoyed playing bass guitar for a little over 40 years. I spent a number of years touring Canada making live music in bars and arenas.
Some of the basses on this page were built by me; most of the others I have had to repair heavily to get them to work or I modified in a variety of ways.
They each have their own beautiful voice and they each have entertained many audiences over the years.
Please enjoy the pictures of these wonderful instruments.
Maybe catch me playing one somewhere, sometime.

Sorry - These are not for sale.
Fender Musicmaster Bass Fender Musician Bass Fender Active 5 String Jazz Bass Fender Jazz Bass Fender 5 String Jass Passive Fender Bullet Bass
Fender Precision Bass Fender Precision Special Bass Fender Precision Lyte Bass Fender MB-4 Bass Fender MB-5 Bass Fender Telecaster Bass
Fender Dimension Bass Fender Dimension Bass Dean Edge 5 String Bass B.C. Rich 5 String Warlock Bass Musicman StingRay 5 Ibanez Fretless
Fender Kingsman Acoustic Bass Washburn 5 String Accoustic Bass Beaver Creek Practise Bass Dean Fretless 5 String Standup Bass

Even though I can not play six string guitar, I own a few just so friends and my family can play when at my place.
And I keep trying to learn but I am doomed to remain a bass guitar player.
There are a couple of other instruments here also.

Fender Duo Sonic Fender Stratocaster Hamer Cozart Lap Steel B.C. Rich 5 String Warlock Bass Ovation Mandolin